Aging As A Spiritual Practice

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One of my favorite “boomer” bloggers is Lew Richmond.  As anyone who has read my book, Safe 4 Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement knows, spirituality plays a vital role in ensuring that you thrive in retirement.  Lew is a Buddhist and as those who follow my blogs note, I’m also a big fan of meditation and being open minded about all spiritual journeys.  Lew writes his own blog and for Huffington Post.  The link below will take you to a recent article on Huff Post/50 which is based upon his book, ‘Aging As A Spiritual Practice‘.

One of my favorite lines from this blog post reminds me so much of what I wrote in my book : “I think that aging is an ideal time for spiritual practice — for growing not only older, but wiser. In other words, “growing older and wiser” is not just a saying, it is an activity. OK, my workshop participants say, but then they ask, What do you mean by a spiritual practice? I have a simple definition, one that transcends any particular religion or faith. I define spiritual practice as “paying close attention to the things that really matter.”

Amen, I say.  Read Lew below and provide your thoughts.

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check out the the original article from Huff Post / 50, written by Lewis Richmond

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