BPA is Everywhere. BPA is Toxic!

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Here’s the facts:  The chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) has been found in the bodies of 93% of Americans.  Canada has declared it toxic.  The US has not.  Yet.  BPA is found in the lining of some aluminum cans, cashier recipe paper, plastic water bottles, pizza boxes, soda cans, toilet paper, dental sealants and some wine bottles.  At some point today you have or will come into contact with BPA.  In a study, after eating canned soup, BPA levels in the participants increased by more than 1,200%.

A recent Time Magazine article states that BPA has “been linked to heart disease, diabetes and obesity, as well as potential problems in fetal development and in young children.  Such studies have prompted Canada and Europe to ban BPA from baby bottles, a step many manufacturers of children’s products have taken independently in the US.  The Food and Drug Administration last year expressed “some concern” about the potential effects of BPA-midlevel on its scale of alarm.”  This is from an article in Time Magazine by Bryan Walsh – link here.

As the excellent article by Mr. Walsh requires a subscription and I wanted to provide enough information on this topic, I’ve included links to the following articles on BPA as well:

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