Can You Forgive Like This Woman?


I want to state upfront that this woman is one of my heroes.  I was fortunate to meet Lisa Gibson recently and when I looked into her story and past appearances, I was literally blown away by her actions.

Many of us can read the words that demand that we forgive our enemies but how many people actually put them into practice?  This woman does.

Here’s a blurb about her from CNN that introduces what this woman is all about:

Lisa Gibson — who lost her brother in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing — sat down the other day with the man many blame for the notorious attack: Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

“I welcomed him to America,” Gibson told CNN.

The 39-year-old Colorado Springs lawyer said she and another relative of a Lockerbie victim went to see the controversial figure in New York on Wednesday, the same day he delivered a rambling speech to the U.N. General Assembly.

Calling herself an “ambassador of reconciliation,” she views the encounter as the latest step in a journey to build bridges between Libyans and Americans — a mission energized by her strong Christian faith.

“I wanted him to know there were some people out there who’ve lost loved ones who have a different vision and different heart,” she said. “He warmly received us.”

Lisa is the founder and Executive Director of the Peace and Prosperity Alliance.  Lisa Gibson is also an attorney, mediator, and global conflict mitigator. She is a Certified Trainer in workplace conflict and has extensive international experience including training leaders in the conflict ridden countries of Afghanistan and Libya. Lisa serves as a Commissioner on the Colorado Springs Human Relations Commission and has authored three books on forgiveness and conflict resolution.

Lisa has a desire to impact society by addressing the root issues that result in human rights abuses such as injustice, oppression, and terrorism around the world.  Her work was recognized in June 2010 when she received the prestigious honor of being chosen as one of Ten Outstanding Young Americans by the U.S. Junior Chamber Jaycees.

I was very pleased to meet Lisa and am so proud of what she has accomplished.  She should be an example to all of us who claim that we can forgive, but often find it difficult to do what we believe.

You can find out more about Lisa including how she may help you and your organization mitigate conflicts and work more effectively together at her website,

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