Is Apple Pay Really The ‘Bitcoin Killer’?

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Many of you know that in the interest of asset allocation and journalistic integrity, I’ve taken a dive into bitcoin investments.  For more on this please read my  previous articles on I decided to place an investment with retirement funds into the Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT).  The disclaimer information for the BIT investment should be enough [Read More…]

Why your 401(k) needs a Roth option

Michael Gerali is a man on a mission. Michael is one of the authors of the controversial book, “What You Don’t Know About Retirement Will Hurt You!” (published by People Tested Publications, which I have ownership in). He makes the case that the financial planning model that’s been employed for decades, creating as much income [Read More…]

Do financial advisers really hate your wife?

While at Merrill Lynch, Sally Krawchuk, pointed out to financial advisers at the firm that they needed to ensure that discussions with clients meant not just ones with the husbands, but the wives as well. After all, she pointed that when male clients died, the firm loses about 50% of those assets when the wife [Read More…]

The Talk: Secret to a longer retirement

As you know from reading my books and my recent series here on “The Talk” between adult children and their parents, I believe that there are “Four Keys” to living a long and safe retirement. Obviously all retirements depend upon having a solid financial foundation and fortunately there are many resources (including writers on this site and working with [Read More…]

How to Fix America’s Financial Health


Wells Fargo has just come out with a new survey about the health of American adults. The good news is that most Americans feel that they’re in good or great shape physically (this may ease some concerns about health care costs), but the bad news is that less than half feel the same about being financially healthy. However [Read More…]

Is your financial adviser an endangered species?

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A decade ago, we heard the talk of how online and call center brokers were going to bring about the demise of the financial adviser. Even though online trading has provided easier ways to buy mutual funds and stocks, the need for advice is still so strong today that this prophecy hasn’t taken place. In [Read More…]

The Holidays Can Be A Great Time to Start ‘The Talk’


Gathering around the family table for the holidays can be a joyous time.  Family members catching up.  Mom and Dad enjoying their place of honor at the head of the table with the grandchildren all around.  A flawless fresh turkey cooked to perfection with home grown vegetables complete the scene. Soon, the ‘Hallmark’ moment is [Read More…]

The Coming Retirement Crisis

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According to a recent press release from MFS, ‘More than a third of Baby Boomers surveyed said they expect Social Security to be a “major source of income in retirement.” Yet only one in four have confidence the system will have money to pay benefits throughout their retirement; nearly 40 percent were not at all [Read More…]

Making A Smarter Decision on Social Security


I was involved at a conference recently for the Retirement Income Industry Association (RIIA) and stuck around until the last speaker on the second day.  While looking out at the room filled with rolling luggage owned by executives and advisors catching their last smartphone emails before his presentation, the speaker joked how we was happy [Read More…]

Retirement, Inheritance and Aging Parents

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This is an interesting, and all too frequently occuring situation.  Remember when baby boomers were thinking that they were going to get a windfall of an inheritance from their parents?  Well, it seems as though for many, that’s not going to happen.  In fact, it may mean that many boomers are getting new housemates.  The [Read More…]