Is your financial adviser an endangered species?

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A decade ago, we heard the talk of how online and call center brokers were going to bring about the demise of the financial adviser. Even though online trading has provided easier ways to buy mutual funds and stocks, the need for advice is still so strong today that this prophecy hasn’t taken place. In [Read More...]

Pay college athletes by funding their IRA

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It’s March Madness. You know, that time of the year when the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) issues its report on the current “retirement crisis.” Oh, and it’s also that time of year when I can’t watch anything else but college basketball on my television set. It was while I was searching through the many channels on [Read More...]

Where To Put Your Money in 2012


Burton G. Malkiel is the author of the classic (now in its Tenth Edition), “A Random Walk Down Wall Street“.  He’s not some analyst working for an investment firm that may or may not have an agenda that they need to “grind” and his book still makes good sense after all of these crazy markets. [Read More...]

National Debt Now Greater Than Our GDP!

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In an event that has largely been ignored, or just taken for granted (how sad is that?), the national debt of the US has now surpassed our GDP.  I’m not sure what’s more pathetic – the fact that no one has highlighted this, the fact that this is the way things are today, or the [Read More...]

Dividend Stocks Could Be Big Winner for Boomers in 2012


My friend, Jack Hough of Smart Money Magazine, has been writing a lot lately about the benefits and resurgence of dividend paying stocks in this current market.  He points out that in this market, yields are tough to come by and many dividend paying stocks have lost value in the recent past.  In the article [Read More...]

Social Security is New Front in Tax Fight


The extension of the payroll tax cut may result in weakening Social Security.  The point was clearly driven home when liberal, Bernie Sanders sided with Republicans in voting against the extension of the tax cut.  So what’s the story here?  Well the tax actually funs Social Security and obviously the gap has to be made [Read More...]

“We’re Supposed to Admire Success”


I think that there are many millionaires and billionaires who would tell you that their taxes SHOULD be raised.  I also think that there are many people who make $250k a year who believe that they shouldn’t be grouped with those millionaires and have their taxes raised.  I also believe that the rhetoric in Washington [Read More...]

Want Return? Forget Treasuries, The Dogs are Back!


One of the finest financial writers, Jack Hough, who (full disclosure) used to work next to me during our time as financial advisors together, recently open my eyes to the reality that an old “pack of dogs” has returned with a flurry on Wall Street.  When many retirees ask me how they can achieve yield [Read More...]

The 50-50 Solution: Stocks and Bonds in One Portfolio


The question in this market is: do you do nothing or do you jump into the icy waters and try to navigate towards a profit?  I’ve always been a believer that even in the worst of markets, you can still be fully invested.  This means that sticking money under the mattress may seem smart when [Read More...]

The Real Impact for Investors


Sometimes clarity comes from the most obvious places. My teenage son recently asked me why anyone would want to invest in the stock market.  Being a former stockbroker, I was able to give him the well crafted explanation of the benefits of the equity market for firms, country and investors.  I felt satisfied that I [Read More...]