Paying for college athletes’ retirement is next

It’s down to the Final Four. You know, that time of year when college athletes realize how much money they make for their university and they begin to wonder who’s getting the better end of the deal — them or the university? In 2012, CBS and Turner Sports paid over $870 million for that year’s [Read More…]

Will you spend retirement as someone else’s caregiver?

I have a dear friend, Chris MacLellan, who has always been my “go to” guy on the topic of caregiving. He runs a blog about his activities called The Bow Tie Guy, conducts a radio show on caregiving and is in the middle of completing a book titled “What’s the Deal with Caregiving?” He’s my [Read More…]

Easier to talk religion or politics than money

Wells Fargo has just come out with a new survey about the health of American adults. The good news is that most Americans feel that they’re in good or great shape physically (this may ease some concerns about health care costs), but the bad news is that less than half feel the same about being [Read More…]

One place where Obamacare is helping

Whenever you write anything about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or what is referred most often to as Obamacare, there always seems to be criticism and a “lively” debate. I must admit that much of the negativity is valid, but being able to provide health care to a wider range of people, including those who [Read More…]

Little known Medicare fact will impact your retirement

Michael Gerali and the six other authors of the new and controversial book, “What You Don’t Know About Retirement Will Hurt You!” are on a mission. They want all investors and advisers to recognize that the rules for retirement have changed in the new landscape of rising health-care costs, Obamacare and people working longer. They [Read More…]

Financial advisers often overlook wife’s future needs

In my last article called “Do Financial Advisers Hate Your Wife?” I explained a discussion I had with Dan McGrath, one of the authors of “What You Don’t Know About Retirement Will Hurt You!.” Dan’s point was that the traditional approach of financial planning for retirement and beyond is flawed given many of the realities [Read More…]

Do financial advisers really hate your wife?

While at Merrill Lynch, Sally Krawchuk, pointed out to financial advisers at the firm that they needed to ensure that discussions with clients meant not just ones with the husbands, but the wives as well. After all, she pointed that when male clients died, the firm loses about 50% of those assets when the wife [Read More…]

Tatar’s top 10 retirement articles from 2013

This is the first time that I’m doing a Top-Ten list for the year but it seems fun to go over the wide range of topics I covered this year. From bitcoins to long-term care to preparing your home for retirement, these articles struck a chord for readers this year. So here they are: 10. [Read More…]

5 biggest regrets by retirees

Retirement is a wonderful time for most retirees. During the Thanksgiving holiday, a family member was discussing her travel and vacation plans for her coming year and showing pictures of work that she had done to her home. She lamented that now that she was retired, she could do what she enjoys and make the [Read More…]

You could be liable for your parents’ long-term care

I’ve written here in the past about filial responsibility laws in other countries, which had been invoked to force the children of the elderly to address their health-care costs and responsibilities. In China, the government is considering widespread implementation of laws that will require the adult children of seniors to provide care for their parents. [Read More…]