The Talk: Secret to a longer retirement

As you know from reading my books and my recent series here on “The Talk” between adult children and their parents, I believe that there are “Four Keys” to living a long and safe retirement. Obviously all retirements depend upon having a solid financial foundation and fortunately there are many resources (including writers on this site and working with [Read More...]

Time to stop procrastinating on long-term care


Mike Padawer writes in his new book, “What’s the Deal with Long-Term Care“, the following: ” The reality is that the longer you live, the greater the likelihood is that you will require long-term care services. The costs associated with needing long-term care are significant, and while it can take decades to accumulate the assets you’ll [Read More...]

Long-term care planning too often ignored


In business, partners must protect themselves from the financial ramifications that a significant health or lifestyle change of a partner can have on the other. To protect themselves, business owners form a “buy/sell agreement” as a kind of “insurance” against these events, which cannot only place a significant burden on one partner, but can cripple [Read More...]

For long-term care, you’re on your own

The early discussions and battles around the Affordable Care Act now seem like ancient history. Yet there was one part of that act that was a “key priority” of the late Senator Edward Kennedy. This provision, which was actually enacted as part of the ACA and was a federal law, would have created a voluntary and [Read More...]

Is your financial adviser an endangered species?

Senior couple meeting with agent

A decade ago, we heard the talk of how online and call center brokers were going to bring about the demise of the financial adviser. Even though online trading has provided easier ways to buy mutual funds and stocks, the need for advice is still so strong today that this prophecy hasn’t taken place. In [Read More...]

Celebrate ‘National Safe Retirement Day’


A recent article in the New York Timesexplored the designation of a day during the year for a “Fiscal Health Day” in which people of all ages would spend time to organize their financial life. This is very much in line with what I advise retirees and in fact, anyone approaching retirement to do as well. [Read More...]

Six vital questions to ask your parents

Senior couple meeting with agent

The holidays are coming to an end. A new year beckons. Resolutions will be made and broken. What does the new year hold for you? What does it hold for your family? If you’re a retiree or someone planning on retirement, the questions and concerns that you have about this upcoming year will be many. [Read More...]

The Holidays Can Be A Great Time to Start ‘The Talk’


Gathering around the family table for the holidays can be a joyous time.  Family members catching up.  Mom and Dad enjoying their place of honor at the head of the table with the grandchildren all around.  A flawless fresh turkey cooked to perfection with home grown vegetables complete the scene. Soon, the ‘Hallmark’ moment is [Read More...]

New Treasury Rules Impact 401(k) Annuity Purchases


The ability of Americans to put away an appropriate amount of savings and investments has been a discussion point on this site for months.  I’m concerned that Americans haven’t been saving enough and that this economic downturn further compounds the issue.  The reality is that Americans have put away $11 trillion in retirement plans and [Read More...]

Study: The Recession Casts A Dark Shadow for Near Retirees


As a researcher and author, I view many research reports, especially about retirement.  An article by Art Koff of and one of the leading minds in the current area of retirement brought a study to my attention through a recent article in Retirement Weekly.  In this article he pointed out that this study, which [Read More...]