For long-term care, you’re on your own

The early discussions and battles around the Affordable Care Act now seem like ancient history. Yet there was one part of that act that was a “key priority” of the late Senator Edward Kennedy. This provision, which was actually enacted as part of the ACA and was a federal law, would have created a voluntary and [Read More...]

How to live to 100 — but can you afford it?

In my past life as a financial adviser, I once had a very wealthy client who had a simple plan that he wanted me to execute: provide him enough retirement income so that when he reached his 100th birthday, his account would be zero. I remember going back to him and telling him that with [Read More...]

Visit your parents or risk being sued

It couldn’t happen here! That’s the comment we often hear when a new edict gets handed down from a country such as China. We often scoff at China and similar countries whose government control and draconian measures often reveal their inability to allow freedom and justice to prevail in creating a better society for its [Read More...]

Prepare your home for retirement


Retiring requires much preparation. You need to ensure that you have your finances in order. You should have a plan to maintain your health and nurture your social networks. But have you ever thought that preparing for retirement also requires that you “ready your home” for your golden years? Well that was the great advice [Read More...]

Six vital questions to ask your parents

Senior couple meeting with agent

The holidays are coming to an end. A new year beckons. Resolutions will be made and broken. What does the new year hold for you? What does it hold for your family? If you’re a retiree or someone planning on retirement, the questions and concerns that you have about this upcoming year will be many. [Read More...]

Using HSAs to boost your retirement funds

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One of the benefits of the health care discussions of the last few years has been the integration of retirement planning with the need to make smart health-care choices. Besides the smartest health care decision that anyone can make — exercise and eat smart — the decision making process related to health care has become [Read More...]

The Key To Protecting an Aging Brain Is….


It’s amazing how many times the answer to so many concerns about the health of the aging and retired is simply summed up in one word….EXERCISE! Today the following was reported by WebMD, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today: “Physical exercise may be even more important than mental exercise when it comes to keeping [Read More...]

The Single Best Thing To Improve A Boomer’s Health….

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My good friend and expert on communicating with seniors, David Solie, brought this to my attention.  It’s a great video that is very much in line with what we “preach” here at Safe 4 Retirement. As David says, “Boomers are searching for ways to reduce the complexity and uncertainty of declining health as they age. [Read More...]

Fidelity Study Estimates That Retired Couples Will Need $240K For Medical Costs


The headlines of the recent Fidelity study are sobering: Fidelity® Estimates Couples Retiring In 2012 Will Need $240,000 To Pay Medical Expenses Throughout Retirement : Households Relying on Social Security Benefits to Cover These Costs Should Expect Medical Bills to Consume 61 Percent of their Social Security Payments by 2027 The good news is that [Read More...]

The Idea That’s Transforming Health Care: Happier Patients Make for Healthier Patients

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In my books and speaking engagements, I stress that the ability to live a longer and safer retirement can be summed up quite simply:  a positive attitude towards life and a strong support structure around you will allow you to live longer. It’s always a wonderful thing to see this confirmed by recent news stories. [Read More...]