Heart Disease Resources That You Must Be Aware Of!

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I’ve found this wonderful collection of heart disease resources that you should bookmark and refer to regularly. Research and studies into heart disease continue to grow and this resource by Public Health lists the latest resources regarding heart disease.  Please have a look and pass the link on to family members and friends for their [Read More…]

The Key To Protecting an Aging Brain Is….


It’s amazing how many times the answer to so many concerns about the health of the aging and retired is simply summed up in one word….EXERCISE! Today the following was reported by WebMD, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today: “Physical exercise may be even more important than mental exercise when it comes to keeping [Read More…]

The Single Best Thing To Improve A Boomer’s Health….

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My good friend and expert on communicating with seniors, David Solie, brought this to my attention.  It’s a great video that is very much in line with what we “preach” here at Safe 4 Retirement. As David says, “Boomers are searching for ways to reduce the complexity and uncertainty of declining health as they age. [Read More…]

The Idea That’s Transforming Health Care: Happier Patients Make for Healthier Patients

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In my books and speaking engagements, I stress that the ability to live a longer and safer retirement can be summed up quite simply:  a positive attitude towards life and a strong support structure around you will allow you to live longer. It’s always a wonderful thing to see this confirmed by recent news stories. [Read More…]

The Best Foods For Your Brain


In my book, Safe 4 Retirement: The Four Keys to a Safe Retirement, I discuss the benefits of a healthy diet for retirees.  In particular, I noted the value of the Mediterranean diet as being good for your health and your heart. So, it was with my enthusiasm that I saw this article from the [Read More…]

Learning in Retirement Leads to A Sharper Mind and Longer Life


In my book, Safe 4 Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement, I often discuss the need for retirees to take advantage of their time in retirement to continue to learn, both new and old subjects of interest.  Retirement can be a time when you can finally study that subject you wanted to in [Read More…]

Exercise Is No Longer Optional for Retirees, So Just..Walk!


As I state in my book Safe 4 Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement, exercise is no longer optional for retirees.  Now that we have the extra time, we not only can do it, but we should do it.  For many retirees, exercise has been made part of their daily life.  Tennis, golf, or [Read More…]

Handling Stress: The Latest Tools


Being retired doesn’t mean that stress isn’t part of your life.  Concerns about finances, your health and the health of friends and family around you, the economy, the political landscape, and more can turn even the most calm retiree into a stressed out individual.  And that doesn’t include those who watch Fox each night.  Yes, [Read More…]

When Everyday Foods are Hard to Digest


An article in the Wall Street Journal discusses an ailment that as many as 20% of adults at some point suffer from: irritable bowl disorder.  Although it has baffled doctors and researchers over the years, I’ve been a big believer that this condition can be tracked back to what we eat and how well our [Read More…]

Wine? Raise a Glass..Or Not?


Okay, once again we get into that “flip flop” time of year.  No I’m not talking about politics.  I’m talking about health and the recommendations around health.  Just when I was a believer in the ability for a single glass of red wine to provide good health benefits, another study comes along that says that [Read More…]