Don’t be that grumpy retiree people avoid

Years ago, I lived next door to an older man who would spend his days sitting on his front porch complaining about life and yelling at the kids who would go by his Main Street house. He was not a pleasant fellow and I seldom saw him do anything besides sit on his porch and [Read More…]

The Key To Protecting an Aging Brain Is….


It’s amazing how many times the answer to so many concerns about the health of the aging and retired is simply summed up in one word….EXERCISE! Today the following was reported by WebMD, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today: “Physical exercise may be even more important than mental exercise when it comes to keeping [Read More…]

The Single Best Thing To Improve A Boomer’s Health….

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My good friend and expert on communicating with seniors, David Solie, brought this to my attention.  It’s a great video that is very much in line with what we “preach” here at Safe 4 Retirement. As David says, “Boomers are searching for ways to reduce the complexity and uncertainty of declining health as they age. [Read More…]

Wanna Sleep Better, Move Your Butt and Exercise!


It really is that simple.  If you want to sleep better, you need to do some moderate exercise on a regular basis. This is something that we’ve been preaching on this site and in my books so it was great to see it confirmed in the article below. As the article simply states, “According to [Read More…]

Denver Discovers The Value of Walking for Everyone!


We discuss a lot on this site and in my book, Safe 4 Retirement: The Four Keys to a Safe Retirement, about the need for exercise for ALL ages, particularly retirees.  As a lover of the great city of Denver, I was enthused to see this article about the city feeling the need to promote [Read More…]

Exercise Can Help to Fight Alzheimer’s


It’s something that I’ve written extensively about on this site and have discussed in detail in my book, Safe 4 Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement – exercise is no longer optional for retirees and it extends your life.  Now we’re consistently seeing more and more in the press about how exercise, even [Read More…]

Exercise Is No Longer Optional for Retirees, So Just..Walk!


As I state in my book Safe 4 Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement, exercise is no longer optional for retirees.  Now that we have the extra time, we not only can do it, but we should do it.  For many retirees, exercise has been made part of their daily life.  Tennis, golf, or [Read More…]

Exercise Is No Longer Optional!


This is an excerpt from my book, Safe 4 Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement Exercise Is No Longer Optional As retirees, before you take it too easy, you need to remember that bodies weren’t made for sitting all day long, nor, believe it or not, were thumbs made for perpetual channel surfing. [Read More…]

Exercising on an Empty Stomach Burns More Fat?


It’s been a point of contention and discussion in many recent diet and exercise books of late, so the New York Times has looked into the belief that exercising on an empty stomach actually burns more fat.  As the belief goes, “The idea, advocated in popular fitness books over the past decade, is that exercising [Read More…]

Exercise After Meals Helps Control Blood Sugar

69x75_exercise_after_eating posts an informative and important article in their Diabetes Health Center about the need to exercise after eating as a way to lower blood sugar levels. As the article states, “People with diabetes who engaged in basic physical activity after eating had blood sugar levels close to those of people without the condition, the study [Read More…]