5 safety tips for seniors with smartphones

It’s not a good thing when the first thing you encounter in the morning is your teenager’s excitement about the coming of the iPhone 6 — while also recognizing that this new device comes with a $600 price tag. Well actually, the only thing more disconcerting than that is when your retired Mom or Dad [Read More…]

Don’t be that grumpy retiree people avoid

Years ago, I lived next door to an older man who would spend his days sitting on his front porch complaining about life and yelling at the kids who would go by his Main Street house. He was not a pleasant fellow and I seldom saw him do anything besides sit on his porch and [Read More…]

Heart Disease Resources That You Must Be Aware Of!

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I’ve found this wonderful collection of heart disease resources that you should bookmark and refer to regularly. Research and studies into heart disease continue to grow and this resource by Public Health lists the latest resources regarding heart disease.  Please have a look and pass the link on to family members and friends for their [Read More…]

For long-term care, you’re on your own

The early discussions and battles around the Affordable Care Act now seem like ancient history. Yet there was one part of that act that was a “key priority” of the late Senator Edward Kennedy. This provision, which was actually enacted as part of the ACA and was a federal law, would have created a voluntary and [Read More…]

The Idea That’s Transforming Health Care: Happier Patients Make for Healthier Patients

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In my books and speaking engagements, I stress that the ability to live a longer and safer retirement can be summed up quite simply:  a positive attitude towards life and a strong support structure around you will allow you to live longer. It’s always a wonderful thing to see this confirmed by recent news stories. [Read More…]

Man Who Proved Long Life is Linked to Healthy Living Dies at 97


Dr. Lester Breslow was a wonderful researcher who not only went on to prove the link between healthy living and a long life, but his own life proved to be the best example to back up his research.  Dr. Brelow died at his home in Los Angeles on Monday, April 9, 2012 at the age [Read More…]

Hints for Health From An Early 1900s Book Still Ring True!

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I enjoy discovering new books and often find that the best reads are books written long ago and are better values that books sold today.  The following “hints for health” are found in a book that is a very interesting read from the early 1900s called ‘Tramping and Camping’ by the Walking Woolfs. I’d explain [Read More…]

Dr. Post in Ft. Lauderdale March 8, 2012

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Dr. Stephen Post of Stony Brook University is a leader in the field of Alzheimer’s research and author of the best selling book, “The Hidden Gifts of Helping“. Please see the notice below and if you’re in the Ft. Lauderdale area during that time, I’d recommend that you see him!  You can reserve tickets here.

Learning in Retirement Leads to A Sharper Mind and Longer Life


In my book, Safe 4 Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement, I often discuss the need for retirees to take advantage of their time in retirement to continue to learn, both new and old subjects of interest.  Retirement can be a time when you can finally study that subject you wanted to in [Read More…]

What are the ’10 Commandments of Health’?


This is a great story and one in which I was unaware of.  It appears in the AARP Bulletin by Jim Toedtman (full article below).  Jim talks about Dr. George W. Calver who was the US Congress’ first appointed doctor (I think that these days they need a shrink instead but..), hired in 1928.  Dr. [Read More…]