5 safety tips for seniors with smartphones

It’s not a good thing when the first thing you encounter in the morning is your teenager’s excitement about the coming of the iPhone 6 — while also recognizing that this new device comes with a $600 price tag. Well actually, the only thing more disconcerting than that is when your retired Mom or Dad [Read More…]

The Importance of Mental Attitude in Retirement

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One thing I’ve learned in my work with retirement and seeing people live longer and safer in retirement is that attitude is a key driver for success. A positive attitude and having purpose in retirement are “details” that can create a safe retirement and they need to be including as part of “the talk” between [Read More…]

How to Avoid Making Mistakes

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One of my favorite books is David Seabury’s ‘The Art of Selfishness’.  Published in 1937, the basic message of the book is that to achieve success and greatness, one must find the their “true nature”.  This “true nature” is often found by focusing on one’s own needs rather than on those of others. At the [Read More…]

Can You Forgive Like This Woman?


I want to state upfront that this woman is one of my heroes.  I was fortunate to meet Lisa Gibson recently and when I looked into her story and past appearances, I was literally blown away by her actions. Many of us can read the words that demand that we forgive our enemies but how [Read More…]

Develop a Super Attitude: Start Your Days with Brian Tracy


When I discuss my book, Safe 4 Retirement: The Four Keys to a Safe Retirement, one of the sections that I’m most asked about is my section on achieving a “super attitude”.  I’ve found that it’s one of the most frequent accessed sections of my ebook and people have told me how it has helped [Read More…]

The 10 Joys of a Safe Retirement – The Video

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In conjunction with the upcoming release of Jack Tatar’s new book, ‘The 10 Joys of a Safe Retirement‘ we’re providing a link to a recent TV appearance by Jack on ‘The Dr. Joy Show” where he discusses the 10 Joys. About ‘The 10 Joys of a Safe Retirement”: In his groundbreaking book, Safe 4 Retirement: [Read More…]

Is it Common for a Spouse to Die So Soon after the Loss of the Other Spouse?


The journey to write my book, Safe 4 Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement, began when both of my parents died within 6 months of each other.  In the introduction to my book, I write, “In 2009, my Dad died after a battle with prostate cancer. Six months later, my Mom and our [Read More…]

How To Deal With Your Family During The Holidays


Saw this recently in the New York Times Magazine by one of my favorite writers, Augusten Burroughs (if you know his writings, you are surely amazed that he’s offering advice about families) and thought it was good advice to help get through the holidays when families come and visit: “Try to get to know them fresh. [Read More…]

This Holiday Season, Remember That The Little Things DO Matter and They Make People Happy!

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In my book, Safe 4 Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement, one of the 10 Joys to a Joyous Retirement, is the very simple, ‘Little Things Mean a Lot‘.  Here’s the section from the book on that Joy: Joy Six:  Little Things Mean a Lot And we often don’t realize just how much. [Read More…]

Autistic Singer Stuns X Factor With An Awesome Performance

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Scott James has Asperger’s Syndrome and didn’t leave his house for 7 years.  Fortunately, he had the courage to sing to Simon Cowell on The X Factor.  To see a performance that rivals Susan Boyle’s tear jerker from a few years ago, click on the link below.  His performance of ‘You Raise Me Up” is [Read More…]