The Talk: Leaving a legacy in retirement

In the process of writing my book, “Having “The Talk”: The Four Keys to Your Parents’ Safe Retirement,” I’ve found that one of the ways that adult children can connect with their retiring or retired parents is to view the process of creating a legacy for them as a very fulfilling project that can be jointly undertaken. [Read More...]

Visit your parents or risk being sued

It couldn’t happen here! That’s the comment we often hear when a new edict gets handed down from a country such as China. We often scoff at China and similar countries whose government control and draconian measures often reveal their inability to allow freedom and justice to prevail in creating a better society for its [Read More...]

How to choose a retirement community


Planning ahead for the later stages of retirement can help retirees and their loved ones avoid difficult, and often costly, situations in the future. The process for researching retirement living and care alternatives is not a simple one and often creates more questions than answers. The decision of where to live in retirement can often [Read More...]

Locating near family not always the best move


The value of having and maintaining a strong social structure is critical to the happiness and longevity of those in retirement. A strong social structure is built upon the foundation of friends and family members who help to support, nurture, entertain and bring joy into the lives of those enjoying their “golden years.” Many of [Read More...]

A Caregiver Audio That You Need to Listen To!

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Jack Tatar speaks to Diana Denholm, author of The Caregiver’s Handbook about the challenges of caregiving.  In this powerful audio, Diana discusses her experiences being a caregiver to her husband.  Through this experience, Diana provides advice for each and every person who is either an existing caregiver or potentially in the role of being a [Read More...]

He Wants to Retire, But She Doesn’t – Something To Talk About!


I’d venture to say that this happens VERY often.  One spouse wants to retire and the other doesn’t.  Well, what happens in these situations?  More importantly. what are the considerations to be made in order to make a decision that benefits both parties? Here’s some interesting facts: 62% of couples don’t agree on their expected [Read More...]

Caregiving Realities and Advice for Wives Caring for Their Spouses


The reality is that there are more than 40 million women who are the primary caregivers for a sick person and very often that person is the man that they’re married to.  This is often an “expected” role for the wive and most accept it as a duty that they have to handle.  What we [Read More...]

Tech Exec Launches Technology For Seniors Due To Family Experience


The challenge of care giving impacts many members of a family, not just those providing the care.  Here’s a story of a son, who happens to be an executive with a technology background, who watched his parents manage a care giving situation and felt that there should be a better way.  It’s a great story [Read More...]

The Gray Divorces


It’s becoming a story that we’re hearing more and more these days: once the kids have left the house for college or for work, the mom and dad are announcing that they’re separating.  “It’s been a long time coming”, they’ll say. Well the fact is that the divorce rate for people 50 and over has [Read More...]

Online Dating – Second Time Can Be The Charm!


In the book, Safe 4 Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement, we explore the topic of being Senior and Single.  The reality for the single senior is much brighter these days than they were just a few years ago.  One of the main reasons is the range of “choices” out there.  No longer [Read More...]