Senior Resources

Thanks for my good friends at, here’s a nice listing of resources for seniors: Staying Healthy Over 50 Falls and Older Adults 22 Senior Health Risk Calculators for Healthy Aging Health Information for Older Adults Health & You: Seniors and Swimming Planning Your Doctor Visit Fire Prevention Preparedness [Read More…]

The Talk: Social networking vital for retirees

The fourth key aspect of “the talk” and having a safe and long retirement is the need to stay involved. The building and nurturing of a strong social network for retirees is vital to their own longevity and their ability to weather the storms that will occur with later life. For the adult child of a retired [Read More…]

How to choose a retirement community


Planning ahead for the later stages of retirement can help retirees and their loved ones avoid difficult, and often costly, situations in the future. The process for researching retirement living and care alternatives is not a simple one and often creates more questions than answers. The decision of where to live in retirement can often [Read More…]

Identity Theft A Concern for Retirees


UPDATE: Please visit my friend, Steven J.J. Wesiman, Esq and his site at, where he highlights a new “scam of the day” and provides great advice about avoiding scams and identity theft issues! This is from a recent article I wrote for Marketwatch that provides valuable information on how to protect yourself from identity [Read More…]

What You Need to Know About The Older American Act

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One of the most innovative thinkers and writers in the retirement and aging area today,  Michael Campbell alerted me to the importance of understanding the Older American Act. He points out that the “The Older Americans Act (OAA) is the law that authorizes AoA to fund a range of services and supports for older Americans [Read More…]

Where are the Best Places to Retire in 2012?

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My friend, Tom Corley, just released his list and book on the Best Places to Retire in 2012. Please check out his video from AOL in which he discusses the list.  Can you guess what was the Number 1 place to retire?

Study at MIT Free of Charge

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As anyone who has read my book for retirees and pre-retirees, Safe 4 Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement knows, I’m a big fan of continuing education in retirement. In the book I write, “Grow your mind through classes. If you don’t have access to a local community college or the class schedule [Read More…]

Retirees As A Local Political Force


This point in the article linked to below is very interesting : “Elderly people are now a greater portion of the nation’s population than at any time since the government began keeping track, and the Northeast, not warm-weather retirement destinations like the South and Southwest, has the largest percentage of people 65 and older, according [Read More…]

How To Prepare for Senior Living Options

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Our friends at have some valuable resources on their site.  One that was highlighted by a reader recently involved their Senior Living Transition Guide.  In it, they discuss the options for senior living and the entire transition.  The entire guide is filled with excellent resources including funding options, transitional steps and even a “tweet [Read More…]

What are The Top 10 Places to Retire?


The latest “list” of Top 10 places to retire is out and there are many of the “regulars” on the list : Boone, NC; Ithaca, NY; Santa Fe, NM.  I admit that I love these lists and they are worth reading about – not just for moving to, but they are all wonderful trips as [Read More…]