Volunteer Travel Opportunities in the New Year


The ability to travel extensively is one of the pleasures of retirement.  As much as I like to sit on the beach and read, my wife likes to get out and do good things for the planet and those around her during our vacations.  The wonderful thing is that there are now so many opportunities [Read More…]

Matching Volunteers to the Right Missions


The ability for retirees to volunteer has been identified by many as one of the most rewarding aspects of retirement.  Many retirees have found pleasure in helping within their communities at food kitchens, non profits, schools, etc.  Many retirees and others would like to volunteer their time and energy but unfortunately it’s often difficult to [Read More…]

Volunteerism as Retirement Plan


The United Way provides many great resources and opportunities for volunteering.  You need to get in touch with your local United Way and find out the local opportunities that you can make a difference!  This article (accessible below) talks about some examples of retirees “twiddling their thumbs” and how volunteering provides benefits for all involved. [Read More…]

Teen Is a ‘Bright Light’ At Senior Center


It’s always good to find articles like this- In Penfield, NY, a senior center has had their days ‘brightened’ by the grandson of one of its residents. As the article states, “Since he started working at Legacy at Willowpond two years ago, 19-year-old Joe Pudetti’s grandmother Deloras O’Neal says he’s made a lot of friends. [Read More…]

Boomers Use Retirement Years to Volunteer


Sometimes you just can’t say it any better than when it’s written : “Volunteering gives boomers and other older individuals a chance to make an impact on their communities by using the skills they gained during their professional lives. One group aiming to do this is Senior Corps, which connects more than 450,000 55-plus people [Read More…]

Meet A National Senior Volunteer of the Year Award Winner

Screen shot 2011-06-20 at 9.55.20 PM

Here’s a retired guy you’d love to meet.  As reported in his local paper in Bonney Lake (where’s that? read the article), “For a guy who retired more than two years ago, Claude Brown stays pretty busy.  Nearly every day, the former Boeing mechanic is out somewhere building or fixing something for one of his [Read More…]

Senior Centers Keep Members Active


From Bradenton, FL comes a story of a senior center that not only encourages the seniors to volunteer for meaningful and helpful tasks, but provides a multitude of community resources. As the article states, this is one of the “many senior centers in Florida that meet the needs of seniors who wish to remain physically [Read More…]

Recycling Hotel Soap to Make A Difference

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Did you ever wonder what they do with all of that hotel soap that gets unused, or even used and left behind?  Well, it’s all for a great cause. See the article below from CNN.com and remember that you too can make a difference by starting or joining an organization to help others.