The Talk: Danger signs for elderly investors

Adult children of retirees and pre-retirees need to speak with their parents earlier, rather than later, about retirement and the need to address financial and life matters. That’s the major take-away of my book, “Having The Talk: The Four Keys to Your Parents’ Safe Retirement.” It’s a difficult discussion to have and that’s why most [Read More…]

Time to stop procrastinating on long-term care


Mike Padawer writes in his new book, “What’s the Deal with Long-Term Care“, the following: ” The reality is that the longer you live, the greater the likelihood is that you will require long-term care services. The costs associated with needing long-term care are significant, and while it can take decades to accumulate the assets you’ll [Read More…]

Long-term care planning too often ignored


In business, partners must protect themselves from the financial ramifications that a significant health or lifestyle change of a partner can have on the other. To protect themselves, business owners form a “buy/sell agreement” as a kind of “insurance” against these events, which cannot only place a significant burden on one partner, but can cripple [Read More…]

For long-term care, you’re on your own

The early discussions and battles around the Affordable Care Act now seem like ancient history. Yet there was one part of that act that was a “key priority” of the late Senator Edward Kennedy. This provision, which was actually enacted as part of the ACA and was a federal law, would have created a voluntary and [Read More…]

Locating near family not always the best move


The value of having and maintaining a strong social structure is critical to the happiness and longevity of those in retirement. A strong social structure is built upon the foundation of friends and family members who help to support, nurture, entertain and bring joy into the lives of those enjoying their “golden years.” Many of [Read More…]

Six vital questions to ask your parents

Senior couple meeting with agent

The holidays are coming to an end. A new year beckons. Resolutions will be made and broken. What does the new year hold for you? What does it hold for your family? If you’re a retiree or someone planning on retirement, the questions and concerns that you have about this upcoming year will be many. [Read More…]

Americans Need a ‘National Safe Retirement Day’


  Join with me as I propose that Americans create a day that allows them, on a yearly basis, to create or review their plans for retirement, or if already living in retirement, their current situation and lifestyle and examine how these items may require changes to their plan! I call it “National Safe Retirement [Read More…]

‘Having The Talk’ Provides Game Plan for Required Discussion Between Adult Children and Parents

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I’m proud to announce that my new book, ‘Having The Talk: The Four Keys to Your Parents’ Safe Retirement‘ has just been released and is now available on Amazon and at local bookstores everywhere.  It will soon be available as well in your local Barnes & Noble. This book grew out of a conversation that [Read More…]

The Importance of Mental Attitude in Retirement

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One thing I’ve learned in my work with retirement and seeing people live longer and safer in retirement is that attitude is a key driver for success. A positive attitude and having purpose in retirement are “details” that can create a safe retirement and they need to be including as part of “the talk” between [Read More…]

New Lower Price on eBook That’s Changing How People Are Viewing Retirement


In preparation for the release of my new book, ‘Having “The Talk”: The Four Keys to Your Parents’ Safe Retirement’, I’ve repriced my bestselling ebook, ‘Safe 4 Retirement: The Four Keys to a Safe Retirement’. This eBook which is changing how people are viewing retirement has been repriced to $2.99 so that more people can [Read More…]