Leaving a Legacy by Writing One


Alan Gelb, one of America’s best writing coaches, has written a book called “Having the Last Say: Capturing Your Legacy in One Small Story” that helps people to write a personal history that can be passed on to the next generation. Gelb likens the capturing of this personal history to the Jewish tradition of an [Read More…]

The “Achilles Heel” of the Financial Industry is Revealed…..


Wealth management firms, banks and online trading firms are pursuing the huge opportunity that exists with the transfer of wealth between the generations. In the pursuit of maintaining these assets in house between generations, the approach that firms have taken is the costly option of using online tools to entice younger investors into becoming new [Read More…]

Easing, Not Plunging Into Retirement


Bringing on new-found freedom can be another misstep. “Enjoy yourself but don’t change your life that drastically, at least not initially,” cautions Jack Tatar, author of Having the Talk: The Four Keys to Your Parents’s Safe Retirement and four other books aimed at educating people about retirement. “Try to maintain as much of your routine [Read More…]

Is Apple Pay Really The ‘Bitcoin Killer’?

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Many of you know that in the interest of asset allocation and journalistic integrity, I’ve taken a dive into bitcoin investments.  For more on this please read my  previous articles on Marketwatch.com. I decided to place an investment with retirement funds into the Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT).  The disclaimer information for the BIT investment should be enough [Read More…]

Thriving in the Empty Nest – Google Hangout with Jack Tatar

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Here’s a recent Good Hangout that provides vital information for those empty nesters and those caught in the “sandwich generation”:

My Top 10 Retirement Articles from 2013

This is the first time that I’m doing a Top Ten List for the year but it seems fun to go over the wide range of topics I covered this year.  From Bitcoins to Long-Term Care to preparing your home for retirement, these articles struck a chord for readers this year. So here they are: [Read More…]

The Joys of an “Empty Nest”


A recent study revealed that the “big happiness boost” for newlyweds lasts only about two years. Those brave souls who last with their partner over two decades can be rewarded with the ability to rediscover their earlier bliss when they reach the freedom of having an empty nest. The transition from passionate love into something [Read More…]

The Biggest Risk to Our Financial System is…..


Every day it seems that I open my newspaper to reveal another top secret surveillance program by our government that we weren’t aware of.  Either we find out that the NSA is snooping on our mail or our email or our Facebook posts.  It seems that most people are now accepting that in a time [Read More…]

“Having The Talk” Webinar Presentation 5/23/2013

Please enjoy “Having the Talk”, the first part of our 2-part Webinar series called “Breaking The Silence and Information Barriers Between Families”.  I hosted the first part “Having the Talk” and Carol Kaufman will be hosting the second part. “Capturing the Talk: Creating a Life Inventory” on Thursday, May 30th, 2013 from 12-1 pm EST.  [Read More…]

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Breaking The Silence & Information Barriers Within Families A Free, Informative, Two Part Webinar Series Reserve your Webinar seat now at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4947219934198672384 Part 1 – Having The Talk: Discussions Between Parents & Their Adult Children Join us for the first of two Webinars on May 23th, from 12-1pm, EST. Have you had ‘the Talk’ yet? [Read More…]