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Safe 4 Retirement

Safe 4 Retirement: The Four Keys to a Safe Retirement

My dad used to have a big keyring dangling from his pants. On it were all the keys that he felt were necessary to carry with him every day. I can still remember him running out the door to answer the volunteer fire alarm and hearing those keys clanging on his way out the door. His belief was that he needed to always carry all of his keys so he never lost one or forgot one.

It was thinking about that clanging bulky keyring that made me consider that all retirees need to possess similar multiple keys to ensure their own safety in retirement. This has less to do with the fact that when we retire, we may forget where we place things. Rather it has everything to do with the fact that in retirement, life will be wonderful, but life will also come with its challenges. We all have the opportunity to live a wonderful and safe retirement.

Having the Talk: The Four Keys to Your Parents’ Safe Retirement

The Talk Book

“The best time to have the talk is well before you need it. Ideally, even before your parents have retired. This will allow for a richer and more intelligent conversation. As I wrote about extensively in my previous book, retiring successfully entails far more than just having a set number of dollars in your savings account.

Those people happiest in their retirement years have not just financial health, but stay physically fit and eat right, look after their mental acumen and attitude, and have close relationships with friends and family.

The talk I’m discussing in this book includes planning for health and success in each of those areas, too. As a retiree, you need to make sure your children know what you want and how you expect to live your life. As the adult child of a retiree, you can help facilitate the process of aging in the best way possible. An extra perk: When it comes your time to retire and address these same issues, you’ll have already traveled down that road and will be able to apply your experience.”


The 10 Joys of a Safe Retirement

“There are often times in my book when the experiences of my parents provided opportunities for me to discuss how not to act in retirement. I use much of their experiences related to health (the second Key) and staying involved (the fourth Key) as teaching moments to help others on what not to do.  The reality, however, is that the most positive aspects of my book are also drawn from the experiences of my parents. Above all, the message of my book is that achieving a Safe Retirement is all about love and sharing your love with others.

My parents, Bob and Ellen Tatar, taught me many things. Of most importance was their ability to teach me to love. They did this by loving me, by loving all of the members of our family, and by always being kind to all those around them. Ultimately, what they provided me was the ability to realize joy in one’s own life.”