‘Having The Talk’ Provides Game Plan for Required Discussion Between Adult Children and Parents

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I’m proud to announce that my new book, ‘Having The Talk: The Four Keys to Your Parents’ Safe Retirement‘ has just been released and is now available on Amazon and at local bookstores everywhere.  It will soon be available as well in your local Barnes & Noble.

This book grew out of a conversation that I had with my wife after my first book ‘Safe 4 Retirement: The Four Keys to a Safe Retirement‘ was released.  We were discussing how I had been unable to have a full and complete discussion with my parents about their later year wishes because they had passed away so suddenly.  In addition, what we had discussed in terms of planning for trusts and proxies were done too late to make a difference.

My wife then said that what I needed to do was to provide a book that incorporated my approach to retirement through the Four Keys into an actionable and easy to use and understandable book for adult children to use with their retired or retiring parents in order to have this necessary discussion and have it earlier rather than later.  All too often these discussions take place too late when mental capacities are diminished or when expectations have been set by siblings and families about what they think their parents want and these unspoken expectations, when unrealized, can cause damage to a family and leave family members angry at each other.

So now that book is available and I’d like to invite you to consider this book should you have a retired or retiring parent or even if you are a retiree or someone considering retirement.  This book will help any one who is thinking about their, or their parents’ later years.  My hope is that this book will be a book that will bring families together so that they stay together.

For more information on the book, click here.

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