Seafood You Should NOT Eat!

Photo Credit: Yahoo! | Author: David Zinczenko with Matt Goulding | Source: Mens Health/ Yahoo |

Anyone who has read my book Safe 4 Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement knows that I’m a big fan of the benefits of eating fish.  However, those readers will also know that I spend much time in the book talking about the contaminants in the environment that impact our food and drinking supplies.  So before you dive into ANY seafood, you should know that the levels of mercury are only one of the concerns with seafood.

As the Mens Health article linked to below states, “Last year, the USDA increased its seafood recommendation to 8 ounces per week, and that has led many to believe that all fish are equally smart choices. But some are so high in contaminants like mercury that their health benefits are outweighed by their health risks. Others are flown in from halfway around the world, but given labels that make you think they were caught fresh earlier that morning. And still others are raised in filthy, overcrowed pools and loaded up with chemicals to keep them alive.”

Yuk!  So as a public safety message, I’d recommend accessing this article below for more information on what seafood you should NOT be eating.  Comments (not too graphic please) are welcome.

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check out the the original article from Mens Health/ Yahoo, written by David Zinczenko with Matt Goulding


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