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We’ve searched the internet for the best and most up to date sites and resources on Social Security.


These are our preferred sites and present the most up to date and relevant information available online about Social Security:

The United State Government’s Social Security site info on Retirement – lots of great info and links

Info on retirement ages, and effect of early/late retirement on social security payouts

To try out the new AARP Social Security Benefits Calculator, visit

AARP Section on Social Security

Social Security Benefits Handbook Online

The New York Times Social Security page – lots of information, resources and all up to date

Some Things that Social Security Won’t Tell You

When To Take Social Security

How to Outsmart Social Security – New Thoughts on When To Take Your Money

The Social Security Claiming Guide

A Great Paper on ‘When to Claim Social Security and How to Minimize Longevity Risk

The Social Security Website’s Breakdown on Full Retirement Benefits by Birth Year



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