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Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

Jack is now booking appearances at conferences, conventions and events.  He is also available for small group webinars and small to mid size events.

Jack’s current list of speaking topics include:

  • Making A Safe Transition to Retirement – Being Financially Prepared is only ONE Aspect
  • Taking a Holistic View of Retirement
  • Having ‘The Talk’ With Your Parents About Retirement
  • Realizing ‘A Joyous Retirement’
  • How to Achieve ‘A Safe Retirement’
  • Addressing The ‘Challenges’ of Retirement
  • The Four Keys to Living Well (all age audiences)
  • Learning to Listen, Listening to Learn (for sales professionals)

Jack is an experienced speaker and presenter who was also a successful financial advisor with a major brokerage firm for nearly a decade and can knowledgeably address complex financial topics as well as the other aspects of his ‘4 Key’ strategy (all topics/programs can be specifically structured for financial and other sales professionals as well).

His speaking programs examine these detailed aspects of his books and strategy:
–      Developing a financial plan and choosing a financial advisor
–      How to manage your retirement income
–      Understanding the complexities of Medicare and Social Security
–      Managing your health and learning how to eat healthy
–      Implementing an exercise plan into your retirement
–      Creating a positive attitude that will lead to a longer life
–      The 5 Steps to effectively transition into retirement
–      Learn to cope with the difficulties of losing loved ones in retirement
–      What are the 10 Steps that will lead to a ‘Joyous Retirement’
–      Finding the right opportunities for travel and volunteering
–      Using new technologies and social media to connect with others
–      AND How children of pre-retirees should have ‘The Talk” with their parents about preparing for retirement (perfect for multi-generational audiences)

This is not just for financial based programs.  It’s also not just for retirees and pre-retirees – his approach is well positioned as a multi generational topic that will appeal to the children of retirees and pre-retirees.  His approach to health, wellness, positive thinking and community involvement make Jack a quality speaker for not only financial based programs but lifestyle, health, relationship and community based events.

Jack uses his experiences as an innovative business leader, former stand up comedian, talented writer, college football player and former stutterer to provide an inspirational and educational program that transcends ages with a message that is not only applicable for retirement but for all stages of life.

Jack received his BA from Stony Brook University (1981) and his MBA from Pepperdine University (1990).

SPECIAL OFFER: Jack resides in the New York area and for speaking bookings in the New York area (including New York City, New Jersey, Atlantic City, and Philadelphia), please ask about booking discounts for these locations!


To contact Jack Tatar for speaking engagements and appearances:

Jack Tatar

People Tested Publications

125 Broemel Place #815

Pennington, NJ 08534

609.818.0899 (Jack’s direct line)

609.644.2800 (Booking information)

E-Mail: jack@PeopleTested.com

Website: www.JackTatar.com

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