Table of Contents

Safe 4 Retirement:

The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement

Table of Contents


Realizing the Dream


First Key: Financial Preparedness

Chapter 1:  What Does “Financial Preparedness” Mean?

Chapter 2:  Do I Need Help or Can I Do This On My Own?

Chapter 3:  What Do You Have for Retirement?

Chapter 4:  What Do You Need to Retire?

Chapter 5:  What is the Four Percent Solution?

Chapter 6:  How Can You Maintain Your Retirement Income?

Chapter 7:  How Can I Plan for the Pitfalls?

Chapter 8:  What if You Need More Money?


Second Key: Health and Wellness

Chapter 9:  How to Assess Your Health

Chapter 10: How to Restore and Maintain Your Health

Chapter 11: How to Deal With an Older Body

Chapter 12: How to Eat Well

Chapter 13: How to Understand Your Health Care Options

Chapter 14: How to Keep Up to Date


Third Key: Mental Attitude

Chapter 15: My Outlook on Life

Chapter 16: My Transition into Retirement

Chapter 17: What Makes Me Happy

Chapter 18: Finding My Spiritual Base

Chapter 19: The People Who Love Me

Chapter 20: Pursuing My Passion

Chapter 21: My Positive Attitude

Chapter 22: My Joyous Retirement


Fourth Key: Staying Involved!

Chapter 23: The Best Is Yet to Be

Chapter 24: Choosing to Work

Chapter 25: Volunteering and Loving It!

Chapter 26: Using Social Media

Chapter 27: Being Senior and Single

Chapter 28: Being a Caregiver


Living the Dream