The Talk: Leaving a legacy in retirement

In the process of writing my book, “Having “The Talk”: The Four Keys to Your Parents’ Safe Retirement,” I’ve found that one of the ways that adult children can connect with their retiring or retired parents is to view the process of creating a legacy for them as a very fulfilling project that can be jointly undertaken. [Read More…]

Prepare your home for retirement


Retiring requires much preparation. You need to ensure that you have your finances in order. You should have a plan to maintain your health and nurture your social networks. But have you ever thought that preparing for retirement also requires that you “ready your home” for your golden years? Well that was the great advice [Read More…]

What To Do On Your 65th Birthday


It’s your 65th birthday. Congratulations. First of all have as much fun as you can. Do something wild and crazy, something spontaneous. And then read this checklist from on what else you need to do since you’ve turned 65. Would love comments and your thoughts on this.

Financial Advice for The Newly Widowed


Even in situations where recently deceased spouses have effectively laid out their estate plans and outlined their financial wishes, there are still many decisions that need to be made by the surviving spouse.  I’ve seen this with my own family and understand the issues related to this topic.  A recent article lays out some great [Read More…]

What Documents Are NEEDED Before You Die?


You don’t realize the importance of this fact until someone near to you dies, but there are certain documents that are necessary to handle your estate requests and they vary based upon the wonderful rules and regulations of each state.  Here’s a fine article that discusses this point and reveals the 25 documents you need [Read More…]

TurboTax for Death Preparation?


The link below is to an article on about a Harvard MBA student who has come up with an idea to help people prepare their estates for after their deaths.  As the article states, “Bloomgarden got the idea for her business after a grandparent died. Bloomgarden’s mother started calling her in periodic spurts with [Read More…]