The Talk: Leaving a legacy in retirement

In the process of writing my book, “Having “The Talk”: The Four Keys to Your Parents’ Safe Retirement,” I’ve found that one of the ways that adult children can connect with their retiring or retired parents is to view the process of creating a legacy for them as a very fulfilling project that can be jointly undertaken. [Read More…]

How To Pay Your Financial Advisor


If you talk to an older adult, they may remember the days when it would cost over $200 to do a trade, any kind of trade with a stockbroker.  Why do you think stockbrokers got the reputation for being rich?  It was from the old days when there was only one way to pay a [Read More…]

How To Pick A Financial Advisor


This is an excerpt from the book, Safe 4 Retirement : The 4 Keys to A Safe Retirement   UPDATED WITH NEW LINKS 10/2011 How to pick a Financial Advisor? If you choose to work with someone rather than going it alone, it leads to the question of how to pick a financial advisor, Certified [Read More…]

What To Ask Your Stockbroker


In the book, Safe4Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement, we include a section on how to choose a financial advisor and what the important considerations are.  In this article, the author takes a similar approach and details the questions that he would ask of an advisor prior to “signing on” with one. It’s [Read More…]