The Talk: Social networking vital for retirees

The fourth key aspect of “the talk” and having a safe and long retirement is the need to stay involved. The building and nurturing of a strong social network for retirees is vital to their own longevity and their ability to weather the storms that will occur with later life. For the adult child of a retired [Read More…]

The “Don’t Worry” iPhone Ap for Keeping In Touch With Elderly Parents

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When retirees get older, it’s important that they maintain regular contact with their family and friends.  This can often be difficult to do and can cause much stress for all involved.  Fortunately I found this great ap through a wonderful site called called the “Don’t Worry” ap which can be loaded onto an iPhone. [Read More…]

Getting More Out of Twitter


I love Twitter!  It’s an awesome way to get the latest news, it’s the best way to get relevant content on the topics that matter to you, and it’s a great way to share information with others.  My twitter account @Safe4Retirement posts information that is pertinent to retirement and the issues that matter to retirees [Read More…]

Tablet Showdown: Nook vs. Kindle Fire


Well it’s time to get down to real holiday shopping.  And that means, shopping online.  And shopping online means using the wealth of information available to make the most knowledgeable purchases.  I think I have the camera figured out (ask my wife what color she wants) and the laptop figured out (it needs to be [Read More…]

Twitter Updates Its Look and Functionality

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As anyone who has read my book, Safe 4 Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement knows, I believe that technology is not only a great way for retirees to connect with each other but to stay up to speed with the world around them.  Twitter is a great tool that allows you to [Read More…]

Safe 4 Retirement : Now Available on the Kindle


The Kindle version of Safe 4 Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement is now available.  This book provides you with a holistic approach to retirement that most current books on retirement avoid.  While most retirement books today are only focused on finance and viewing retirement as just an end point and a goal, [Read More…]

Free Services on The Internet


The internet is a bastion of free resources.  But it’s often tough to find the best free services available to you on the internet.  Services such as gathering news articles, protecting your passwords, online storage, and many other things.  Check out this feature on Yahoo about some of the finest and free services available on [Read More…]

World’s Oldest Gamer: It Fights Senility!


I love this story.  So does my teen son who loves video games and will extol the benefits of them if you ask him.  The world’s oldest gamer is 99 years old and lives in Japan.  She plays Bomberman, EVERY DAY!  She says, “Playing Famicom keeps me from going senile.” In my book, I talk [Read More…]