Tales From The Waiting Room

Photo Credit: Randy Glasbergen |

This is a recent story conveyed to me from a good friend on an experience he had in a doctor’s waiting room:

While sitting in the crowded waiting room awaiting my appointment with my doctor, a man came barging into the room and hustled up to the receptionist.

“I need to be seen by the doctor NOW”, he proclaimed.

“Sir, do you have an appointment?” the calm woman asked.

“I need to see the doctor immediately”, the man who was now getting agitated said.

“Sir, we have a full room of people here. you’ll have to wait.  What exactly is your problem?” she asked.

“I have ED”, he said.

At this point, many of us who were waiting chuckled and looked at each other with smiles on our face.

“Sir?” the receptionist asked with a bit of a smile on her face.

“I have explosive diarrhea!” he stated loudly.

At this point he was shuffled off through the doctor’s door and not a single one of us in the waiting room complained.

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