Tech Exec Launches Technology For Seniors Due To Family Experience

Photo Credit: Jeff Clark | Author: Gwen Moran | Source: Entrepreneur Magazine |

The challenge of care giving impacts many members of a family, not just those providing the care.  Here’s a story of a son, who happens to be an executive with a technology background, who watched his parents manage a care giving situation and felt that there should be a better way.  It’s a great story and goo introduction to a new technology.  Here’s the story from Entrepreneur Magazine (full article link below):

A few years ago, Kian Saneii watched his parents, both in their 70s, help manage the care of his nonagenarian grandmother. Seeing his father call her several times a day to check on her and remind her to take her medications, he thought, There has to be a better way.

He knew his family was facing an increasingly common dynamic. The graying of the U.S. is accelerating: Washington, D.C., research organization the Population Reference Bureau estimates that the country’s 65-and-older population will grow from its current 40 million to 89 million by 2050. As the population ages, there will be more caregivers looking to manage seniors’ needs while attempting to help them maintain some independence for as long as possible.

After nearly a year of research, in 2009 Saneii launched Independa, a technology firm that helps seniors (and their caregivers).

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