The Single Best Thing To Improve A Boomer’s Health….

My good friend and expert on communicating with seniors, David Solie, brought this to my attention.  It’s a great video that is very much in line with what we “preach” here at Safe 4 Retirement.

As David says, “Boomers are searching for ways to reduce the complexity and uncertainty of declining health as they age. Here is a good start. This brilliant, nine-minute video by Dr. Mike Evans offers a compelling on-ramp for Boomers to improve their health and rebuild their quality of life…”

Not surprising the single best thing for seniors, boomers, and retirees can do is exercise.  As discussed in my book, Safe 4 Retirement, this point is valid and based upon research.  I encourage you to watch this entertaining and educational video from Dr. Mike Evans.


  1. What a cool video! The drawings coupled with audio makes it very engaging. I completely agree with the message of the video. Exercise is extremely important to our health especially for aging seniors. I am in the medical alarms for seniors industry and I have written a few articles regarding this very subject. There is a 2 part article titled “Age Healthy By Staying Fit” at Again, very interesting video. I will share this with as many people as possible! Thanks.

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