My Top 10 Retirement Articles from 2013

This is the first time that I’m doing a Top Ten List for the year but it seems fun to go over the wide range of topics I covered this year.  From Bitcoins to Long-Term Care to preparing your home for retirement, these articles struck a chord for readers this year.

So here they are:

10. Bitcoins in Your Retirement Portfolio (August 26, 2013)

After the publication of my book, “What’s the Deal with Bitcoins?”, I explored the topic of more widespread usage of Bitcoins as an investment vehicle.  I believe that we’ll see Bitcoins in retirement accounts in 2014 and I don’t mind pointing out that I will have predicted that in August of 2013

9. Vital Information Needed to Begin Retirement “Talk” (December 28, 2012)

As anyone who knows my writings or my books “Having the Talk” and “What’s the Deal with The Talk Between Adult Children and Their Parents?”, the need for having a discussion between adult children and their retiring or retired parents is critical and necessary.  In this article, I lay out the information that’s needed to get it started.  Make having “The Talk” a New Year’s resolution!  You’ll be glad that you did!

8. The End of the Financial Advisor? (August 8, 2013)

As a former Financial Advisor, I feel compelled to warn not only advisors but the financial industry overall, that because of your focus on older affluent investors and away from growing younger investors, you risk being out of business in a few decades.  The news is not all dire however.  There’s one way to save the industry – create meaningful relationships with those younger investors.  This article will help you to do that.

7. Visit Your Parents or Risk Being Sued (December 31, 2012)

The topic of this article alerted me to the fact that in countries like Japan, there’s a filial responsibility law that requires children to be responsible for the wellbeing of their parents.  Of course this seemed proper but the reality soon spilled over into bearing financial responsibility for their wellbeing as well.  What was most interesting about this article is that it led be to recognize that we have similar laws in the US – see Article #2.

6. Long-Term Care: You’re On Your Own (Nov 11, 2013)

My friend and noted expert on Long-Term Care, Mike Padawer, authored a book called “What’s the Deal with Long-Term Care?” that discusses all aspects of LTC.  The most alarming point he made to me was in regards to how there was a provision for LTC in the initial ACA that become the only part of it to be overturned.  With that decision, it was clear that the government was saying that “you’re on your own with LTC!”

5.  What Happens to Your Bitcoins When You Die? (May 24, 2013)

Well if Bitcoins have made their way into your investments, as with any other investment vehicle, you need to plan how they will transfer upon the time of your death.  But with Bitcoins being such a new investment, has anyone looked into this?  I explore the topic and come upon some unique approaches.

4. Americans Have “Pension Envy” (Jan. 28, 2013)

I believe that the topic of pensions is a heated one that divides many Americans.  We’ve seen its impact in helping retirees to survive in retirement as well as how it’s also hindered economic growth for many large cities and municipalities.  It’s a topic that’s not going away and will further impact relations and political views among many Americans.

3. Prepare Your Home for Retirement (Mar 11, 2013)

The popularity of this article surprised me.  My dear friend John Elias wrote me of how he had to make renovations for his father’s house when he retired.  He recommended that I write an article on the topic.  It struck a chord with so many people that I think we need a book called “What’s the Deal with Preparing Your Home for Retirement?” – any experts on the topic can contact me (

2. Are You Liable for Your Parents Long-Term Care? (Nov 10, 2013)

This article built upon the topic of filial laws and revealed to me that in 29 states in our country there are laws on the books that require children to be financially responsible for their parents.  This was made clear in a recent case that found a son in Pennsylvania responsible for a medical bill for his parents.  The interesting part is that he wasn’t an only child, rather the only financially sound sibling.  An alarming and topical article.

and Number 1

The Five Regrets of Retirees (Nov 29, 2013)

My last article of the year became my most widely read article in most part because I asked people to discuss their retirements with me and examine if and what were their own regrets for their later years.  The comments from readers are the most compelling part of this article and I ask others to provide their own comments as well.  It’s for my readers that I do this!  Thanks to all!

So what does 2014 hold?  Certainly more about healthcare, bitcoins and the ACA.  But what do you think the big topics as they relate to retirement will be.  Leave me your comments and keep reading!  Thanks.


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