Wine? Raise a Glass..Or Not?

Photo Credit: Getty Images | Author: Alice Park | Source: Time Magazine |

Okay, once again we get into that “flip flop” time of year.  No I’m not talking about politics.  I’m talking about health and the recommendations around health.  Just when I was a believer in the ability for a single glass of red wine to provide good health benefits, another study comes along that says that maybe that’s not good advice.  Studies had shown that resveratrol is a compound found in red grapes that has been linked through animal studies to long life and better heart health.  Now, who wouldn’t like news that tells you that drinking is good for your health?  Count me in!

An recent article in Time Magazine entitled ‘How a Compound in Red Wine Does the Body Good’ by Alice Park makes this point.  Cheers to that.  And to the article by Meredith Melnick about ‘A Drink A Day’ helping women as they age in the same magazine a month sooner.  So case closed, right?  Drinking red wine is good for you!

Hold on.  The article linked below by Alice Park states that recent studies are now finding that even moderate alcohol consumption may boost breast cancer risk by 15%.  Oy!  I’ve got to open a nice bottle of red and read through these articles to figure this all out.  What do you think?

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check out the the original article from Time Magazine, written by Alice Park

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