We’ve searched the internet for the best and most up to date sites and resources for retirees seeking work on the web.


For More information and Guidance on Evaluating Working in Retirement, visit the following: – 5o plus and Looking for work – Good starting resource!  Lots of great links from here for great information! – AARP’s yearly list of the 50 best employers for workers over 50 – Quintessential Careers is a Web site specializing in helping people find the right work. They have all sorts of suggestions and ideas for people, even if you want to explore telecommuting and work-at-home options. They also list jobs available and allow you to post your resume. – If starting your own business is what interests you, then the Small Business Administration’s Web site has a plethora of ideas and helpful tools.  They even have a startup guide for those who are considering opening their own small business: – Work Force 50, formerly called Senior Job Bank, is a Web site dedicated to helping people over 50 find jobs. They have sections for employees and employers, an easy to use job search function, and various articles and blogs to help you on your way – Experience Works is another Web site for seniors looking to work, differing only in that its goal is helping those 55 and older who also are classified as low-income. This group helps with job training, counseling, and placement. You also must be currently unemployed to take advantage of their services.

You can explore the burgeoning world of online freelancing through Web sites such as and This is a work-from-home option where employers from anywhere in the world post jobs online and freelancers from anywhere can bid on them. They work much like eBay except for jobs. The upside is you can easily set up an account and profile and get started with projects in your area of expertise. The downside is because you work from home, you’ll miss out on the social interaction provided through fellow coworkers. Either way, have a look. These might be just the ticket to get you started and build a portfolio of sample work and references.

Career Assessment Sites: – includes good resources for career assessment for those over 50 – Nice website with good links to career assessment resources and things to consider – Interesting set of links to tools that help you discover your strengths and weaknesses – Good listing of internet sites for career planning


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